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World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference 2022: YOFC Leverages “BRIGHTS” to Capture New Growth Opportunities of Digital Economy

  • 2022-11-12
  • 1808

World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference 2022, a premier event in the global optical fibre and cable sector, was held in Milan, Italy on 7-9 November 2022. Many telecommunications service providers (TSPs), optical fibre and cable manufacturers, as well as upstream and downstream players across the global industry chain joined in the influential event.


As a global leader in optical communication, and a long-term partner and a major sponsor of  World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference, YOFC didn’t miss  the global event this year. On November 8, Dr. Zhuang Dan, Executive Director and President of YOFC shared his insights into the industry development at the leadership panel session with top executives representing Corning Inc. and Prysmian Group. Mr. Jan. Bongaerts, Senior Vice President of YOFC delivered a keynote speech titled Leverage “BRIGHTS” to Capture New Growth Opportunities of Digital Economy.


Ongoing pandemic is accelerating global digital economy. As remote working, telemedicine and online education become a new normal, the importance of high-speed and reliable broadband access is highlighted as a necessity of our lives. Powering internet of people and things, mass data, artificial intelligence, personal consumption and smart manufacturing, etc.,   digitalization has emerged as a major driver of economic growth and social transformation for many countries, and fueled information infrastructure upgrades across the board with an aim to take digital development to the next level.


In China: 5G deployment is picking up speed. By the end of July 2022, 1.968 million 5G base stations have been up and running in China,accounting for 60% of total 5G base stations worldwide. It is expected to exceed 2 million by the end of 2022 and more than 3.666 million in 2025. By the end of August 2022, 70.55 million subscribers have access to fixed internet broadband with speed rates of beyond 1 gigabit, with a year-on-year increase of 278%. “Eastern Data and Western Computing” project kicked off this year will speed up the construction of backbone networks and data centers, with an annual investment of about $58 billion and $28 billion in related sectors.


Globally, 5G and FTTx construction have gained great momentum and strong investment. According to CRU, by the end of this year, the number of global 5G subscribers will exceed 1 billion, and grow to about 4.4 billion by 2027, accounting for about 50% of global mobile subscriptions. The demand for FTTx outside China remains strong. 


Large-scale network infrastructure construction leads to robust demand for optical fibre and cable. CRU reports that outlook for optical fibre and cable demand will remain positive in 2023 and the good momentum will continue to 2027. Dr. Zhuang Dan said, China's demand for optical fibre and cable accounts for over 50% of global demand and will continue to grow steadily in the coming years.


Global digital transformation is pushing the optical fibre and cable sector into a new golden era when both demand and price will increase. G.654.E fibre, the best choice for future ultra-fast transmission, has bright prospects. YOFC's G.654.E fibre has a proven track record of application success in multiple backbone projects of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, and multiple UHV DC power projects of State Grid. It is expected that demand for G.654.E fibre will exceed 1 million fibre kilometers and will reach 10 million fibre kilometers by 2025. Several worldwide TSPs have shown interest in G.654.E fibre. It is predictable that the new-generation fibre will be applied worldwide in large scale.


In response to historical development opportunities brought by the revealing trend of accelerated digitalization, YOFC launches all-optical connection featuring big-bandwidth, reliablity, intelligent, green, high-quality, time saving and security abbreviated as “BRIGHTS”. By leveraging a broad portfolio of superior optical fibre & cable products and solutions, YOFC is well-positioned to capture the tailwinds of market.


  • Big Bandwidth

In the era of digital economy, optical transmission of backbone networks and large data centers need to keep up with requirements for long-span, frequent, ultra-low-latency data transmission. YOFC launches a full lineup of products, including the new-generation G.654.E fibre, large-bandwidth multi-mode fibre, multi-core fire, and hollow-core fibre, to consolidate the optical network fundamental to digital development.


  • Reliability

As a leader in technological innovation, YOFC has independently developed a pipeline of high-quality and reliable optical fibre and cable products for access network, backbone network, as well as terrestrial and maritime network, catering to the needs for optical transmission in different application scenarios of the growing market segments, and securing stable all-optical network operation in all aspects.


  • Intelligent

In addition, YOFC has developed automatic optical line monitoring and protection systems, fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing systems and many other intelligent solutions that provide quick fault detection and location, real-time optical performance monitoring and quality prediction, and round-the-clock fault analysis.


  • Green

YOFC's G.654.E fibre used in long-span (2,000 kilometers) trunk lines achieves a 20% reduction in the number of optical relay stations, a 50% reduction in the number of electrical relay stations, and nearly a 30% reduction in station energy consumption. YOFC's data center solutions, which integrate high-density optical distribution frames, pre-terminated optical cables, 400G/800G AOC optical modules and micro-modules, can increase the density of wiring space, reduce obstacles to hot and cold aisles, save energy in data center while ensure the smooth upgrade of bandwidth, thus playing a big role in building green and low-carbon data centers.


  • High Quality

High-quality optical fibre and cable are fundamental for building the fundamental optical network. YOFC has been long committed to and the pursuit of excellence by using high-class raw materials, improving manufacturing techniques, and promoting R&D. These efforts are translated into different types of tried-and-tested optical fibre and cable products. YOFC now serves customers from over 90 countries and regions, and is always associated with high quality in the optical fibre and cable sector.


  • Time Saving

To make more efficient deployment in all-optical network and better meet the needs of building an all-optical base for various purposes in a flexible and efficiency way, YOFC has developed new-type optical cables like all-dry optical cables, micro-cluster optical cable, air-blown optical cables, and ultra-high-fibre-count optical cables that set themselves apart from conventional optical cable structures. These new products are positioned to be applied in different scenarios of all-optical network bases.


  • Security

In the context of high-speed data transmission, resource sharing and growing application scenarios, YOFC continues exploring the potential of optical communication technology, and develops optical fibre sensing products with wide coverage, high sensitivity and high precision, providing all-around security assurance for large facilities such as power grids, oil and gas pipelines, and electrical equipment.


At this conference, Dr. Zhuang Dan had taken a deep dive into the industry trends, opportunities and challenges with top executives representing Prysmian Group and Corning Inc.. According to Dr. Zhuang Dan, China will keep a good demand and supply balance, and the potential will be there. However, some challenges still exist, such as  regional political tensions, unstable supply chain and rising transportation costs etc. These indicate the uncertainties for the industry. In response, the industry peers shall work on sustainable development.  ,


YOFC will remain committed to extending optical connectivity to all parts of the world, and building a firm base for the development of digital economy. Staying true to its original aspiration and mission, YOFC will continue independent innovation to develop new products and solutions that drive industrial development. It will also step up efforts in improve its international marketing network and presence to capture the market opportunities.

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