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Single-mode Photonic Crystal Fibre

Single-mode photonic crystal fibre, which in a sense is an infini te single-mode fibre, can have low transmission loss and exceptionally low nonlinear coefficient over a wide wavelength range with a cut-off wavelength of less than 1μm.

This fibre can be connected to standard single-mode fibre or endl ess single-mode fibre, and can also be connected using sealed ends and FC/PC connectors.

  • Broadband transmission
  • Single-mode high-power laser output
  • Optical fibre sensing
  • Endless single mode
  • Low attenuation in broadband
  • Bend insensitive
  • Pure silica material
Cross Section


Single-mode photonic crystal fibre can be customized in terms of core diameter, air-hole duty ratio, and
air-hole layers.


Optical Properties
Cut-off Wavelength(nm) < 1000
Attenuation@ 1060 nm(dB/km) < 3.0
Attenuation@ 1310 nm(dB/km) < 3.0
Attenuation@ 1550 nm(dB/km) < 2.5
Physical Properties
Material Pure Silica
Core Diameter(μm) 7.0 ± 0.5
Cladding Diameter(μm) 125 ± 2
Coating Diameter(μm) 245 ± 5
Coating Material Acrylic Resin


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