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YOFC Impresses the LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich

  • 2023-06-30
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From June 27 to 30 (local time), the LASER World of PHOTONICS was held at the Trade Fair Center Messe München in Germany. Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "YOFC"; stock codes: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) impressed the fair with its  wide range of products and solutions in 4 areas, such as optical fibres and basic materials, semiconductor laser packaging and optical devices, optical fibre lasers and synthetic quartz materials, demonstrating YOFC's strength in new specialty fibres, industrial lasers and quartz materials.


Optical fibres and basic materials

Optical fibres and basic materials are one of the core raw materials of optical fibre lasers. Targeting different applications of optical fibre lasers in the industrial fields, Everfoton showcased new optical fibres such as triple-cladding active fibre, ring fibre and polarization-maintaining passive fibre, as well as basic materials such as ytterbium-doped fibre (YDF) preform, and fluorine-doped capillary tube. In addition, Everfoton also showcased specialty fibres for communication and transmission, medical care, and sensing, including polarization-maintaining fibre, multi-core/few-mode fibre, photonic crystal fibre (PCF) and other customized optical fibres, which can meet the unique requirements of special application scenarios for miniaturization, high temperature resistance, and bending insensitivity.


Semiconductor laser packaging and optical device

During the fair,  semiconductor laser packaging, integrated device of femtosecond fibre grating and grating combiner, and other key devices were at the core of YOFC’s display. The semiconductor laser packaging can provide a stable and reliable pump light source for optical fibre lasers. The integrated device of femtosecond fibre grating and grating combiner, and other optical devices can stand out in functions such as optical-optical conversion, energy beam combining, and wavelength stabilization in optical fibre lasers.


Optical fibre laser

In terms of applications in traction battery welding, precision cutting, high-reflection material welding and other segments, YOFC presented the variable beam profile (VBP) fibre laser, 1500W QCW air-cooled fibre laser and 1500~3000W single-mode CW fibre laser. YOFC's VBP fibre laser preheats the clean material using outer ring laser, facilitating the generation of stable keyholes and molten pools in the core. This effectively prevents splashing and reduces pores in welds, making the laser an excellent welding tool for improving processing quality and yield. YOFC's 1500W QCW air-cooled fibre laser allows for continuous/quasi-continuous free switching and customer-defined pulse waveform output. It can be used for various applications such as 3C spot welding, drilling, precision cutting, and ceramic scribing, and can serve as a replacement for conventional YAG lasers. YOFC's 1500~3000W single-mode CW fibre laser outperforms general multi-mode CW fibre lasers with excellent laser beam quality and a small processing heat affected zone, giving it an edge in processing in scenarios such as precision cutting, welding, and 3D printing.


Synthetic quartz material

YOFC showcased high-end quartz material products at the fair. These products are intended to meet the application needs of high-quality quartz materials in the fields of optics, semiconductor, PV and optical communication. They possess outstanding physical, chemical and optical properties, such as high purity, no bubbles and high optical uniformity. Moreover, they exhibit excellent geometric accuracy and consistency, fully meeting the strict requirements of the industry for high-end quartz materials in terms of performance and quality.


With the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", YOFC will continue to innovate technologies, products and applications in the field of optical fibre laser to deliver  latest achievements in scientific and technological innovation and application throughout the industry chain, and contribute to  high-quality development of the industry.

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