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YOFC Makes an Impressive Appearance at CIOE

  • 2023-09-07
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YOFC grabbed much attention again at China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2023) held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from September 6 to 8. Themed on "Illuminating the World,  Enriching Life", YOFC showcased its products and solutions across five key areas: computing networks, communication an sensing integration, new optical fibres & new materials, marine communication, and enriching life, making its booth a magnet to numerous customers and visitors.


1. Computing networks

Computing power is a key productivity in the era of digital economy, and an important cornerstone for the digital and intelligent transformation of society. To make the most of computing power, it is necessary to coordinate the development of computing power, storage capacity, and transport capacity. Among these, transport capacity plays a crucial role in connecting users, data, computing power, and applications. Transport capacity should be strong enough to meet the growing demand for computing power. This requires the unimpeded and stable transport capacity infrastructure.


The computing network infrastructure built by YOFC encompasses a wide range of products and solutions, including new-generation communication fibres, a full range of optical cables, special optical communication solutions, cabling system solutions for data centers, optical transceiver solutions for data centers, and space division multiplexing solutions for next-generation data centers. Together, these products and solutions create an optical network featuring ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and ultra-high reliability, as the best choice for transport capacity infrastructure in the era of computing networks.


2. Communication and sensing integration

  • Specialty products and solutions for fibre sensing

YOFC has independently developed a range of new specialty fibres and cables. During the event, YOFC showcased a variety of products for special environments, including radiation resistant fibres and cables, high temperature fibres and cables, and hydrophone fibres and cables. These products can consistently deliver high-quality and reliable services for applications in sectors such as navigation and transportation, oil exploration, and ocean detection.


  • Fibre distributed temperature measuring system

Integrating optical fibre communication, optical fibre sensing, and photoelectric control, the system can provide high-quality temperature and fire early warning and monitoring solutions for applications in the sectors such as electricity, oil, transportation, coal mine, and metallurgy. It has been successfully applied in various fields, including utility tunnel projects, power grid upgrading and reconstruction projects, oil line upgrading and reconstruction projects, cable tunnel monitoring projects, substation fire protection reconstruction projects, data centers, and the petrochemical industry.


  • Fibre distributed acoustic detection system

It is used for intrusion safety protection in important areas, and safety monitoring and positioning of illegal construction and anti-breakage for oil and gas pipelines, communication lines, and transmission cables, as well as anti-leakage safety monitoring of oil, chemical, gas, and water pipelines. It can effectively improve the safety protection capabilities of application units.


3. New fibres & new materials

  • Cutting-edge optical fibre products

The hollow core fibre features low dispersion, ultra-low nonlinearity, and low latency during transmission. YOFC can customize  hollow core fibres with various operating bands, kilometer-level length, and low loss according to requirements.


  • Synthetic quartz material

YOFC Quartz Technology, a subsidiary of YOFC, showcased quartz products such as quartz materials for semiconductors, synthetic quartz tubes for optical fibre communication and electric light sources, and synthetic quartz materials for optics. These products can fully meet the application needs of various industries and fields, including laser applications, precision optics, semiconductor manufacturing and packaging, photovoltaics, communication and specialty fibre manufacturing, and electric light sources.


  • Heat sink material

Focusing on high-density packaging materials in the field of high-power optoelectronic devices, YOFC has independently developed third-generation heat sink materials, including diamond-copper composites, diamond-aluminum composites, and AMB-diamond-copper clad laminates. These materials can meet the packaging requirements of the latest generation of substrate materials such as SiC and gallium nitride, and their performance has reached the international advanced level.



4. Marine communication

  • Marine communication solution

YOFC Baosheng Marine Engineering Company Ltd., a subsidiary company of YOFC, has built equipment for the construction of large offshore wind power projects, including CHANGSHENG 5000, CHANGSHENG 1200, CHANGSHENG 98, and CHANGSHENG 6. With such equipment, YOFC Baosheng can provide customers with comprehensive and reliable integrated marine engineering solutions, contributing to the development of China's marine economy in areas such as marine power, marine communication, offshore oil and gas, and submarine solution.


  • Fibre-optic ocean detection solution

The solution is applied to marine geological exploration, offshore oil exploitation/exploration, and marine safety. It can meet the arrangement requirements of large detection arrays. While ensuring a miniaturized and lightweight structure of ocean detection devices, it also enhances the seawater corrosion resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference ability, and sensitivity of equipment. Additionally, the solution enables long-distance and wide-range monitoring.


5. Enriching life

  • F5G digital life

YOFC's F.ODN pre-connected solution is a plug-and-play solution, which can fully decouple boxes and cables for parallel construction on site. The FTTR cabling system solution can achieve high network speed coverage throughout the  house. One deployment can benefit for a long time.


  • Smart video and audio

At the exhibition site, EverPro, a subsidiary of YOFC, mainly showcased FIBBR® 8K fibre HDMI cables, including Ultra 8K II and Ultra Pro3, as well as luminous DP cable Explorer. These three cables are made of YOFC's BendRobust® special bending-resistant fibres. They are tough and durable, bending-insensitive, and tensile, enabling multi-angle cabling and the long-term stable operation of projects.

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