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YOFC Releases China's First "5G + All Optical Network" Industrial Internet Solution

  • 2019-06-27
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On June 26 at the MWC Shanghai 2019, on behalf of Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC for short, stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK), vice president Yan Changkun of YOFC released China’s first optical-cloud industrial Internet solution featuring 5G + All Optical Network. The theme of the release is Leading the Future with YOFC Optical-Cloud Solution.

As a product of the deep integration between the next-generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry, industrial Internet has increasingly become a major support to the new industrial revolution and a key cornerstone of the Internet+ Advanced Manufacturing, playing a comprehensive, in-depth and revolutionary role in the industrial development in future. Integrating the advantages of 5G and the All Optical Network, and with "Greatly Converging, Broadly Accessing, Widely Empowering" being the mission and "Becoming a leader of the industrial Internet industry in the 5G era" being the vision, YOFC’s optical-cloud industrial Internet solution is committed to promoting the convergence of IT and OT, empowering the digital transformation of enterprises, making the entire production and operation process measurable, traceable, predictable and inheritable, and allowing enterprises to create greater value in new product, business and commerce models.


Being the first to establish the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and the Industrial Internet Joint Laboratory, YOFC is collaborating with communication operators in the future to promote the extensive application of 5G Optical-Cloud Industrial Internet in a variety of industries, and ensure delivering the strategic objective of Becoming a Resources Integrator in the 5G Optical-Cloud Industrial Internet Industry Chain as a provider of industrial Internet solutions.


For more than three decades, YOFC has been adhering to the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", and targeting at industry forefront to constantly explore technological innovations and lead industry development. With the 5G era approaching, YOFC will closely work with outstanding enterprises in various industries to address customer demands, gradually optimize the ecosystem of 5G Optical-Cloud Industrial Internet platform, accelerate the innovation and development of the industrial Internet, and strengthen the label of "Made in China".

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