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YOFC Assists the 5G Industry Development, Full Connectivity Strategy Shines at MWC Shanghai 2019

  • 2019-06-27
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On June 26 at the MWC Shanghai 2019, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC for short, stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) held the 5G Strategy Press Conference and released to the world the 5G Full Connection Strategy featuring "Full Scenarios, Excellent Quality, High Efficiency", the first 5G + All Optical Network industrial Internet solution in China and the Optical Fibre and Cable Application in the 5G Era White Paper, continuously providing customers with high-quality products and services and assisting the 5G network construction. Duan Zhigang, Secretary General of the Communication Cable and Optical Cable Committee of China Association of Communication Enterprises, Zhuang Dan, Executive Director and President of YOFC, Yan Changkun and Zhou Lijing, Vice Presidents of YOFC, and Luo Jie, Technical Director of YOFC attended the conference.

Zhuang Dan made a speech on behalf of YOFC and extended warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all participants to the 5G Strategic Release. According to Zhuang, this year marks the first time that YOFC participates in the MWC Shanghai, and the Company will showcase a series of products and solutions for the 5G era to fully reveal the comprehensive technology and service competency of YOFC throughout the value chain. At the same time, YOFC will leverage MWC Shanghai, the important platform in the communication industry that assembles new concept, new technology and new application, to release YOFC's 5G Strategy. With the 5G era approaching, YOFC will stick to the innovation-driven development as always, to address the 5G network deployment and customer demand, to build a good 5G commercial ecosystem, to promote China's 5G development and the digital transformation of various industries, and work with industrial partners to deliver greater value.

Duan Zhigang, Secretary General of the Communication Cable and Optical Cable Committee of China Association of Communication Enterprises, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said that he was honored to be invited to the 5G Strategy Release of YOFC. Transmission is the first step of 5G construction. Facing the demand for wider and higher quality optical fibre network in the era of the Internet of Things, YOFC, as a global leader in the optical communication industry, has gained first-mover advantages. At a new starting point and looking into the new future, YOFC shall have plenty of opportunities and broad prospects.

With the issuance of 5G licenses, the 5G era is approaching rapidly, and a connected world between people, between people and things, and between things is gradually becoming a reality. For the three application scenarios of "higher speed, greater connectivity, lower latency", YOFC has made arrangements in advance and takes the lead to release the 5G Full Connectivity Strategy.


According to Luo Jie, YOFC Technical Director, YOFC has made extensive arrangements in the 5G field with products and solutions covering the access layer, the convergence layer, the metro-area layer and the core layer, and is capable of providing a complete set of 5G solutions. The 5G development strategy released this time will demonstrate to the whole world YOFC's wisdom in 5G network construction.

The 5G Full Connectivity Strategy released this time covers mainly three aspects: Full Scenarios, Excellent Quality, and High Efficiency.


Full Scenarios: Through 5G high-density and large-bandwidth access, provide a full range of optic fibre products for a coverage from the backbone network to the access network, thereby shaping a 5G end-to-end full-scenario connectivity solution.

Excellent Quality: Implement quality management throughout the full lifecycle of products from design to delivery, provide the 5G network with highly reliable and environment-friendly quality products and services.

High Efficiency: Provide the 5G network with products and solutions that can be easily constructed and efficiently operated and maintained through constant optimization of product design, materials and manufacturing processes.


At the 5G Strategy Release, YOFC also introduced China's first 5G + All Optical Network optical cloud industrial Internet solution and the Optical Fibre and Cable Application in the 5G Era White Paper in a session titled "Leading the Future with YOFC Optical Cloud Solution", demonstrating YOFC's extraordinary competency in the field of 5G smart connection.


Professor Hu Weisheng from the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University delivered a keynote speech in the title of All-Optical Network, the Dream of Optic Fibre Professionals, and explained the future development trend of network transmission in an easy-to-understand way.

The trumpet of 5G commercialization is blown, and the 5G network construction in China will face another new wave. Optical fibre and cable is one of the most important underlying media for 5G network, and the high quality of 5G network needs to be ensured with quality optical fibre products. In the future, YOFC will adhere to the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", take advantage of the trend and act as the time requires with a more open attitude, hence to continue promoting the implementation of 5G strategy, and join hands with 5G industry partners to jointly explore technology and service innovation, making contributions to the healthy development and sustained prosperity of the 5G industry.

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