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YOFC Made an Impressive Exhibition at FOE in Japan

  • 2019-07-18
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Fibre Optics Expo (FOE) was held in Tokyo, Japan from July 17 to 19. It is not only the largest event in Japan's optical communication industry, but also one of the most important optical communication exhibitions in Asia. As the world's leading supplier of optical fibre preforms, optical fibres and optical cables, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC for short, stock code: 601869.SH/06869.HK) blends in with the "precision" and "profession" focus of the event, and made an impressive exhibition with key serial products including the 5G high-speed transmission devices, special optical fibre preforms for data centers, special optical fibres and communication-oriented device modules.

Through over 30 years' accumulation of technology and experience, YOFC has offered full-series special optical fibre products (basic tube and rod materials, optical fibres, optical cables, devices and modules) and services to enormous fields such as communication, industrial Internet, industrial processing and control, electricity, etc., contributing to the boom of downstream derivatives of the special optical fibre industry.

PCVD Meeting Custom Requirements of Optical Fibre Performs

As an ace in the hole for the special optical fibre industry, PCVD features edges such as flexible and precise section design, perform process and deep doping of fluorine. At FOE, YOFC highlighted its special optical fibre preforms, fluorine-doped pipes (with a numerical aperture of up to 0.22), etc. Besides, YOFC could offer clients custom services for optical fibre performs, giving them options to certain extent on indexes such as waveguide, mode, doping, geometric dimension, etc.

Full-series Special Optical Fibres for Devices Covering Several 5G Application Scenarios

Thanks to the PCVD technology, YOFC has reached the world-leading level in the research of special fibre products. YOFC bosts eight categories of special optical fibres, including the dispersion compensation fibre, polarization-maintaining fibre, device fibre, fibre for fibre laser, industrial control multi-mode fibre, special fibre for special environment, special fibre for sensing, and special derived cable, which are subdivided into 20 sub-categories and over 300 subordinate sub-categories. These could cover application scenarios of communications, 5G high-speed devices, optical fibre laser devices, sensing, industrial control, data center space division multiplexing (SDM), aerospace, petroleum, petrochemical sectors, etc.

On this event, aiming to satisfy the high-rate, high-bandwidth and low-latency demands of 5G transmission, YOFC specially exhibited its 5G-targeted products - the device-type monomode optical fibre, coupled fibre, device-type polarization-maintaining fibre, bend insensitive monomode fibre, etc. For the short-distance transmission of data centers, YOFC particularly embodied the multi-core fibre and its supportive fan-in fan-out module to realize transmission of low crosstalk SDM optical signals, as well as the few-mode fibre based on modular division multiplexing. It is worth noting that YOFC also displayed the few-mode fibre to the audience via dynamic HD 4K digital TVs, bringing in an intuitive and vivid product experience.

Special Fibre Optic Devices and Modules Offering Customers Comprehensive Solutions

From special optical fibre derivatives to devices and modules, YOFC is dedicated to serving different segments with professionalism and offering more cost-efficient comprehensive solutions to tackle industrial challenges. On this occasion, YOFC stressed on products extensively used in optical communication system, such as optical amplifier modules, dispersion compensation modules, and FTTx filters.

Adhering to the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", YOFC will continue to increase the investment in technology R&D for optical fibre products - from optical fibre preforms, optical fibres, optical cables to optical fibre devices and modules. It's bent on promoting the prosperity of the new generation information communication technologies such as 5G and data centers and pushing nonstop the global optical communications industry to advance in a high quality manner.


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