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YOFC Made Remarkable Appearance on PT Expo China 2019

  • 2019-11-03
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On October 31st, PT Expo China hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was kicked off at China National Convention Center. As a global leader in the optical communications industry, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH and 06869.HK) made remarkable appearance on the event with solutions in 5G, industrial Internet, big data, AON data center, submarine solution, smart home, smart grid and rail transportation, with "Smart Link Better Life" as the theme.

Embrace 5G and Welcome the Future with Optical Fibre

In face of the new opportunities brought by 5G, a technology spurring noteworthy improvement of transmission bandwidth, YOFC has released, counting on its unique advantages in the field of optical fibre communication, comprehensive solutions that cover the metropolitan area network bearing, 5G amplifying-and-forwarding and indoor coverage in the 5G new scene. Trademark products, such as the high-density miniaturized optical cables, all-dry optical cables, bio-protective optical cables, photoelectric composite cables, wide-angle leaky cables, optical modules and EDFA modules, were displayed in the exhibition booths to show guests in an all-round manner YOFC's diversified solution offerings and product categories in the 5G application field, the company's "Full Connection, Excellent Quality, High Efficiency" 5G strategies, and its unmatched performance in the cable sector.

Efficient Data and Unlimited Connection
The leapfrog development achieved in Internet and big data has induced the construction of data centers. To meet the demands of building high-density, intelligent and modularized data centers, YOFC has released software-hardware mixed comprehensive solutions, covering from OM3/OM4/OM5 series multimode optical fibre products that meet the international standards to products like high-density distribution frames, modules, panels, trunk optical fibres and jumpers, and from full-series optical module solutions to cloud data center platforms, thus offering reliable guarantee for the cloud transformation of data center and smooth upgrade of 40G/100G.

Optical Cloud Industry, Interconnection and Integration

The extensive application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, industrial big data and augmented reality in the industrial field has put forward high requirements on network transmission quality and bandwidth. As one of the first enterprises to be entitled the "Pilot Demonstration Project of Integrated and Innovative Application on Industrial Internet Platform", YOFC has released the optical cloud industrial Internet solution by integrating the advantages of optical communication and optical fibre sensing. Featuring benefits of 5G and all-optical networks, it will empower the digital transformation, against the mission of “Greatly Converging, Broadly Accessing, Widely Empowering", the vision of " Becoming a Leader of the Industrial Internet Industry in the 5G Era" and the strategic objective of "Becoming a Resources Integrator in the 5G Optical Cloud Industrial Internet Industry Chain".

Data Integration, and Intelligent Mutual Assistance

Integrating products from the sensing layer, the network layer, the infrastructure layer to the supporting platform layer, YOFC offers integrated, high-end and customized services covering the assessment system, top-level planning, project planning, system design, software development, system integration, and operation to intelligent connection fields such as the public security, prosecution and law enforcement department, agriculture, education and coal. As the company's data lifecycle management and service platform products, our self-developed YOFC Shuge Platform could fully penetrate all stages of data collection, storage, management, analysis, display and exchange, to truly achieve the intelligent upgrade as driven by data and offer clients a comprehensive data integration solution.

Build a Strong Country with Submarine Solution

In response to the call of the national maritime power strategy, YOFC has been active in innovation amid the market opportunities and independently developed products (e.g. submarine optical cables, submarine cables and photoelectric composite cables) and Submarine Solution series solutions to mainly apply in fields, such as transoceanic communications, offshore oil platforms, offshore wind power transmission and submarine observation networks, as active contribution to the construction of marine communication networks. The optical fibre hydrophone solutions exhibited could offer reliable guarantee for modern hydrological monitoring, oil exploration and marine seismic monitoring.

Smart Home for Intelligent Life
The high bandwidth and low latency characteristics of the 5G era will greatly satisfy the application of zero-distance, ultra high definition, real-time interaction in the industry chain downstream, driving the rapid development of applications such as 8K and VR. In YOFC's Smart Home exhibition area, actual household scenes were presented to show the 8K HDMI fibre optic cable with super-large bandwidth, differentially rendering the transmission advantage of YOFC's AOC cable over traditional copper cable. The high-bandwidth, low-latency VR optical fibre cables exhibited were made of specially-made, flexible wire materials. Free from electromagnetic interference, they can better cater for the large amplitude variation during the use of VR.

Smart Grid for Ubiquitous Internet of Things

A strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things makes the energy Internet available for the power system, with power communication network as the top priority. Owing to its unparalleled R&D strength and excellent products, YOFC has released several Smart Grid series products and solutions that incorporate the OPGW cables as commonly used in power communication network, ADSS optical cables, power HV flame-retardant cables and power connectors, as well as automatic monitoring and protection system for optical cable lines, and fibre grating sensing monitoring system, to offer comprehensive technical support and product services for application scenarios of long-distance transmission for network communication, power distribution automation, power information collection, energy access, power grid control, intelligent monitoring and maintenance management.

Smart Railway for Green Traffic

Informationization is an effective method to solve the transportation development issues. Using its own advantages in cable manufacturing, YOFC has developed cable products for railway, urban rail transit, intercity rail transit and tunnel project, covering from flame retardant, rat-proof, waterproof and chemical corrosion resistant optical cables for rail transit, to leakage coaxial cables for radio communication blind spots in the rail, and distributed temperature measurement systems for monitoring, to fully meet the needs of construction of rail transit communication lines.

At present, the commercial application of 5G will bring about tremendous application scenarios. China is officially entering a new era of informationization that features higher speed, greater connectivity and lower latency, making the Internet of Everything, between people, between people and objects, and between objects, come true. To realize the smart life of “easy access to information and everything", solid technology and hardware/software shall be maintained to provide strong support for the new generation of the Internet. To keep abreast with the 5G era, YOFC will continue to adhere to the mission of "Smart Link Better Life" and the core values of “Client, Focus, Accountability, and Stakeholder Benefits”. Going on seeking development through innovation, offering quality products and services to customers and joining hands with partners at upstream/downstream of the industrial chain, we will make due contribution to the 5G development around the globe and the digital transformation of all sectors.

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