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YOFC Digital Application Powers up Operation Resumption and High Quality Development

  • 2020-04-22
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As pandemic prevention and control becomes normal, what is the key for comprehensive resumption of operation so as to stay ahead? How will enterprises create intelligent factories with the rapid integration of industrial internet and manufacturing industry?  How will individual systems like ERP, MES, PLM realize cross-factory and cross-industry data sharing?


The digital application of YOFC plays a key role in work resumption and qualified development. Digital transformation makes for a new ability for enterprises to adapt to the development in the new era and Industrial Internet Platform is the key hub during the transformation. As the pioneer in the development of Industrial Internet, YOFC has made long-term and in-depth exploration on the practice of industrial Internet application, from R&D on equipment and product process control to equipment Internet of things. YOFC Industrial Internet Platform has gradually taken into shape through self-built All Optical Network and Digital Twin Platform. In 2019, YOFC released the first "5G + All Optical Industrial Internet" solution in China, enabling digital transformation for enterprises. Following the requirements for resumption of work, YOFC provides various digital network solutions for operation resumption and high-quality development of enterprises:


  • Equipment Health Management Solution

This solution is based on All optical Industrial Ethernet and 5G compatible module, providing distant monitoring, health model and health monitoring, as well as distant expert service solutions. It supports remote equipment installation, debugging and maintenance, so as to improve the level of equipment operation, maintenance and utilization. This solution enables contact-free patrol inspection / spot inspection / repair application, fault warning during equipment transformation and upgrading as well as for abnormal operation, on-line visualization of data.  What’s more, the auxiliary maintenance knowledge base it creates can provide guidance for equipment operation and maintenance.


  • Energy Management Solution

The integration of all relevant information systems within the group and  plant is realized through the building of Energy Management System, creating a close loop of production guarantee system of management, collection, monitoring, analysis, control, evaluation and optimization. This solution supports intelligent management and energy optimization of the plants’ equipment. It can realize more efficient energy management for energy users that rely on equipment energy consumption as it enables visualization of energy consumption, real-time monitoring of energy equipment, energy plan management, energy analysis and prediction, optimization of energy-saving plan, etc.


  • "5G+ All Optical" Industrial Ethernet Solution

The data acquisition of YOFC Industrial Internet Platform adopts self-developed intelligent gateway + All-Optical GPON network. It achieves gigabyte and millisecond precision data acquisition and data interaction in a complex electromagnetic environment, enabling the delay from DCS (distributed control system) to the site and from the digital twin platform to the site to equipment operation level.


  • Trusted resource & deal traceability Solution

This solution sets up a timely, accurate, impartial and transparent quality database and service platform between enterprises and consumers, which makes possible tracking throughout supply chain process.  It meets the needs of simultaneous use of multi-user, multi-role and multi-authority.


  • General solution based on 5G application

YOFC provides integration services on 5G + All Optical Network "Double Gigabit", Big Data, Digital Twin, Asset Identification, Internet of Things and related fields. It also offers software and hardware of intelligent manufacturing such as digital workshop, intelligent factory, cloud manufacturing, remote operation and maintenance services as well as general solutions for information systems and platforms. The application scenario building solution and implementation service is also available featuring a deep integration of the new generation information communication technology and intelligent manufacturing.


Remaining committed to the mission of "Smart Link  Better Life", YOFC will continuously aim to be a pacesetter in the industry, explore technological innovation and build an Industrial Internet platform serving the vertical industries. By breaking the big data island of the industrial chain and driving the innovation of enterprise operation and business model, YOFC will address the industry pain point. In this way, we can drive the digital transformation of enterprises and boost high-quality development of the industry.


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