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YOFC FIBBR® 's First VR Optical Fibre Data Cable Takes You to the World of VR glasses

  • 2020-06-17
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Being disappointed at the film blurriness?

Annoyed by screen freeze and missed opportunities in the game to win?

Troubled by cumbersome VR cable affecting game experience?

Big screen movies, game surfing……YOFC FIBBR® VR optical fibre data cable provides everything that you expect to find.


As 5G and AR/VR technologies develop, the interactive experience is increasingly favored by the public. VR glasses have been widely used in IMAX theaters and games. Whether at home or outdoors, users can enjoy a mobile private cinema or experience the fun of games at any time with mobile phones, data cables and VR glasses.


YOFC FIBBR® VR optical fibre data cable is the first VR product of Everpro Technologies Company Ltd., a subsidiary of YOFC Optical Fibre and Cable Co., Ltd. Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK).The VR optical fibre data cable is compatible with the new generation of HUAWEI VR glasses. Computers can be connected to phones with the match of USB type-C main cable and DP Male to Type-C Female adaptor, thus enabling users with fascinating experience in movies and games with high-definition giant screen. 


The 5-meter-long VR Optical fibre data cable adopts YOFC's special anti-bend optical fibre and features a light and flexible cable. When it is connected to VR glasses, larger space for movement can be provided and users can feel free and easy to move as they want. At the same time, the cable made from optical fibre is able to resist electromagnetic interference. Clear and reliable movies and smooth game videos can be enjoyed by users due to the cable’s extremely low signal attenuation rate. Compared to traditional copper cable, the VR optical fibre data cable can transmit signals more stably and completely.


The VR optical fibre data cable adopts the universal type-C interface, which is now widely used in the market. Screen projection in mobile phones/computers is enabled and data interaction between mobile phone and computer are allowed. The data cable can fully satisfy your need for VR/home/office use. When the product launched, free public beta will be released and participation is warmly welcomed. We invite you to discover and enjoy this new product!

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