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YOFC's New Types of Optical Fibre Lead the Future and Build a Strong Foundation for Rapid 5G Development

  • 2020-08-12
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On August 10, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC, stoke code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) held the fourth live stream launch event “Future of Smart Connectivity”, focusing on “How YOFC's New Types of Optical Fibres Lead the Construction of 5G High-Speed Information Networks”. Mr. Li Yunbo, professor-level Senior Engineer at China Mobile Research Institute, was invited to share latest researches on technologies of new types of optical fibres. Afterwards, a number of new products were launched, including FarBand® Ultra Low Loss and Large Effective Area Fibre, Bending Insensitive Low Loss Optical Fibre, New Dispersion Flattened Fibre for 5G Fronthaul, and High-Quality Multi-mode Fibre for data centers. These new fibres demonstrate YOFC's capacity for technological innovation to build a strong foundation for 5G development.


Li Yunbo pointed out that 5G network deployment further picks up speed as 5G construction is in a critical stage. The optical network, as an important part of new 5G infrastructure, will bring both new opportunities and challenges to the fibre and cable industry. In 2020, 400G+ lines will see a rapid increase, mainly driven by increased broadband speeds (backbone 200G, MAN 400G) and interconnected data center applications. In the next 2 to 3 years, 400G+ will become the mainstream application among ultra-100G networks. Thus, G.654.E will be the preferred fibre for 200G, 400G and future Tbit/s ultra-high speed transmission, with its combination of low non-linear effect (large effective area) and low loss ratio. In practice, the splicing of large effective area ultra-low loss new fibre and traditional fibre should be avoided in order to reduce fibre loss. Instead, optical fibre jumpers, pigtail fibres and systems compatible with the new fibre should be adopted to strengthen G.654.E fibre splicing quality management for application to existing networks and development of the G.654.E fibre splicing operation manual.


YOFC New Fibres  Display

  • FarBand® Ultra Low Loss and Large Effective Area Fibre

With new infrastructure projects, 5G-era data traffic continues to increase, along with bearer networks’data transmission and bandwidth pressure. The backbone network transmission rate will continue to grow from 100G to 200G/400G and beyond. Deployment of fibres and cables that support 200G and 400G systems in advance provides the basis for constructing a high-speed information network.

YOFC's FarBand® Ultra Low Loss and Large Effective Area G.654.E Fibres have been applied to numerous G.654.E backbone network cable line projects for China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. It also has passed the existing network 400G test. It is future-proof for the next 10 to 20 years of network development  by offering the optimal fibre and cable solution to meet network bandwidth needs once commercial 5G becomes mature.


  • New Dispersion Flattened Fibre for 5G Fronthaul

To adapt to the current 5G construction fronthaul networking mode reform and resolve the problem of insufficient optical fibre network and pipeline resources, YOFC offers an integrated 5G fronthaul transmission link solution, which includes new dispersion flattened fibres, new cables, all-series optical modules and corresponding WDM. Specially, new types of fibres solve the problem of G.652.D fibres’large dispersion cost in the 1347.5 - 1374.5nm range for the 5G fronthaul CWDM/MWDM system and improve the system maintenance margin.

  • Bending Insensitive Low Loss Optical Fibre

BILL fibre, YOFC's 200μm small optical fibre, was created to alleviate the shortage of pipeline resources in 5G development, achieve low attenuation in MAN, and resolve the spike of transmission tunnel loss and rate reduction due to frequent fibre tail bending during project deployment. With a lower loss ratio, better bending resistance performance, and a smaller size, it can not only optimize the use of pipeline space but also ensure high-speed transmission for long waves/signals and its stability through improving the bending performance.

  • High-Quality Multi-mode Fibre

In the 5G era, as cloud data centers continues to expand the scale, acceleration constitutes a necessity in data center construction. User terminals now have more urgent need of high-quality multi-mode optical fibres with high bandwidth, as the rate in data centers advances from 100Gb/s, to 400Gb/s, and even 800Gb/s. YOFC's all-series high-quality multi-mode optical fibres have been applied to many client data centers, including those of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, JD, and China Railway, earning it the top domestic market share.

Guided by its mission of “Smart Link  Better Life”, YOFC will continue innovating in 5G full-connection technology and actively cooperating with industry clients, contributing to the rapid construction and development of China's 5G networks.

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