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ACP 2020 | BUPT-YOFC Joint Grand Academic Event, High-Profile YOFC-China Telecom Industry Forum

  • 2020-10-28
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Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) was held at the Beijing Kuntai Hotel from October 24 to 27, 2020. ACP is now the largest conference in the Asia-Pacific region on optical communication, photonics and relevant technologies, which has been held annually tracing back to 2001, and  is also one of the three major optical communication conferences in the world.

ACP 2020 was jointly held by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) and its State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, as well as the State Key Laboratory of Optical Fibre and Cable Manufacture Technology of Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) in Beijing. The conference was attended in-person by domestic participants and online by foreign participants, allowing for the panel discussion. Cloud-based live streaming was available for the offline conference. The innovative and different ACP conference this year provided a seamless communication platform for global scientists, technicians, and industrial technical professionals.


ACP 2020 brought together domestic and foreign experts and scholars, top industry professionals, young students, vital R&D personnel, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss topics related to the optical field. Numerous famous figures were invited to give speeches, including: Gu Min (foreign academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician at the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering), Dimitra Simeonidou (academician at the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, professor in University of Bristol, and Director of Smart Internet Lab), and Connie J.Chang-Hasnain (IEEE Fellow and professor at University of California, Berkeley). Specialists and scholars are well-versed in optical field so that they can share insight into many emerging issues regarding optical communication, optical networks, and photonics.

For ACP 2020, YOFC cooperated with China Telecom in organizing the industry forum "High-speed Broadband Optical Fiber Communication System and the Key Technology Trend". Professor Liu Tao ("National Engineering Survey and Design Master", "Broadband Communication and New Network" Expert by MOST, former Vice President of China Mobile Group Design Institute) was invited and Dr. Luo Jie (chairman of the forum conference, Technical Director of YOFC and Dean of the State Key Laboratory) made the opening speech. 8 specialists and scholars from China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, CAICT, Perking University, and Huawei were invited to share their research findings on advanced optical fibre and its nonlinear processing technology, the latest broadband amplification technology, and the ultra-long and ultra-large wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system. During the round-table session, famous scholars from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Guangdong University of Technology had an in-depth discussion regarding the high-speed and large-capacity backbone network transmission system and its key technologies. A seminar was held on the "future research and application demonstrations of key technologies for terabit ultra-long-span optical transmission systems". Dr. Xiong Liangming from the State Key Laboratory of YOFC and Dr. Li Junjie, chief China Telecom specialist, jointly presided over the industry forum.

An exhibition during ACP 2020 offered a glimpse of YOFC’s typical products from related industries. YOFC impressed all of the visitors in the exhibition hall with its products and solutions (specialty optical fibre preform, series specialty optical fibre, photoelectric devices, and fibre sensing solutions) and attracted many professors, scholars, and technical specialists from industrial chain-based enterprises to have business talks and technical exchanges with YOFC.


Relying on the State Key Laboratory of Optical Fibre and Cable Manufacture Technology, YOFC has made ACP (a top-tier academic conference in the optical communication and photoelectron industries) a success for many years as a co-organizer. By cooperating extensively with numerous well-known colleges both at home and abroad, YOFC has greatly promoted collaboration when it comes to technological innovation, and has showed its proven strength of both YOFC and its State Key Laboratory when it comes to organizing academic activities. This has improved the academic influence of Chinese optical fibre and cable enterprises in the global optical fibre communication and photoelectron industries.

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