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Light Up New Infrastructure Win-Win Future with YOFC | YOFC 2020 New Product Release Conference

  • 2020-10-16
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On October 15th, during the PT Expo China, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH and 06869.HK) held a grand product and solution launch conference at the V-Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel.


With the theme of “Light Up New Infrastructure Win-Win Future with YOFC”, the conference shared YOFC’s research experience and practical achievements across five new infrastructure fields: 5G, industrial Internet, UHV, big data centers, and urban rail transit taking “Smart Tree” as visual image.


More than 100 guests representing industry professionals, strategic partners around the country, industry customers, and the media, attended the conference. Mr. Yan Changkun, Senior Vice President of YOFC, made a speech at the conference: Opportunities and Challenges Presented by National Strategy of "New Infrastructure".


As a leader in the optical communications industry, YOFC has leveraged its 3-decades experience to break new ground in fields such as 5G, industrial Internet, UHV, data center, and urban rail transit. With focus on network transmissions and connections, we have introduced a series of innovative products and solutions which can be future proof during the 5G new infrastructure construction process.


In the future, YOFC will continue to remain on the forefront of the industry and build an ecosystem which benefits  to us and our partners, creates value for industry customers. We remain committed to contributing to the construction of new infrastructure in this way.


Mr. Ao Li, Director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of China Academy of Information and Communications, was invited to attend the conference and made a keynote speech entitled New Infrastructure Boosts the Accelerated Development of Optical Communication: A new era of technological revolution and industrial transformation requires the new infrastructure, the core of which is information infrastructure. Related construction will accelerate the revolution of optical communication technology towards higher bandwidth, larger capacity, cloud expansion, intelligence, and higher integration.


Mr. Chen Zeyu, Chairman of Optical Network Alliance and Vice President of Huawei Transmission & Access Product Line in enterprise field, made a speech entitled Embracing F5G to Accelerate New Infrastructure: Communication networks are both the precursor and cornerstone of new infrastructure. As the "twin brothers" of network technology, F5G (fixed-line) and 5G (mobile) are acting as "trailblazers" to promote industrial infrastructure construction.


F5G offers high-quality network connection and meets the latest information service demands. It can extend the gigabit optical network from the home to vertical industries such as smart cities, smart transportation, smart medical care, and beyond, helping the industry unlock the value worth trillions.


As a game changer in mobile communications, 5G is the also on the top agenda of the "New Infrastructure" field.


In 2019, YOFC put forward a far-reaching 5G full connectivity strategy featuring "comprehensive scenarios, high quality, and great efficiency". We released the first White Paper on Optical Fibre and Cable Applications in the 5G Era. We also introduced optical fibre and cable solutions as well as optical connections that were applicable for 5G construction and could bear all layers of the network. These solutions and connections focused on enhancing innovations in 5G comprehensive connectivity.


This year, YOFC made a breakthrough in the field of 5G fronthaul. Working with China Mobile, YOFC completed MWDM solution testing of existing networks using 5G fronthaul. YOFC applied new optical fibre to the 5G fronthaul MWDM system for the first time, and saw positive test results.


At the conference site, China Mobile and YOFC jointly released the cooperative pilot results of the YOFC 5G fronthaul MWDM solution.


As customers always come first in everything we do, YOFC has also put efforts on customers’ pain points and demands  in the fields of UHV, urban rail transit, and big data centers by developing a number of new industry-leading products such as BILL fibre, 180μm G.657 optical fibre, high-count UHV OPGW cable, 5G broadband radiation leaky coaxial cable, integrated cabinet solution for integrated edge computing facilities, etc.


At the conference, YOFC released and shared our new technologies, new products, and new applications across new scenarios.


YOFC has continually made innovations in the optical communication field. We consider mastering core technology to be the cornerstone of enterprise development, and are highly attentive to cooperating in-depth with well-known universities both at home and abroad. We carry out high-level research on basic technology, core key technology, and common technology applications to constantly improve our technological innovation capabilities.


In order to further explore methods of cooperation, achieve a deeper integration between universities and enterprises, in a mutually beneficial manner, YOFC and Beijing Jiaotong University jointly signed a cooperation agreement at the conference to lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between both parties in fields such as multi-core and few-mode optical fibres.


New infrastructure, new mission, new journey. Sticking to the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", YOFC will be committed to offering leading digital infrastructure solutions. With the high-quality optical fibre network as the soil and technological exploration and innovations in scientific research as the nutrients, YOFC will join hands with our customers and partners to promote the "New Infrastructure" construction. Together we will drive the vigorous development of new infrastructure forward and thrive alongside the industrial chain.


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