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Light Up New Infrastructure, Win-Win Future with YOFC | YOFC Shined in the Limelight of PT Expo China 2020

  • 2020-10-15
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On October 14th, PT Expo China hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology kicked off at China National Convention Center. As a global leader in the optical communications industry, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH and 06869.HK) have put itself in the spotlight by showcasing various products and solutions to empower applications in the future. At the event, YOFC focuses on three major areas, Leading Edge Innovations, New Infrastructure, and Smart Applications on the theme of "Light Up New Infrastructure, Win-Win Future with YOFC”.



Leading Edge Innovations

Since its establishment, YOFC has remained committed to its independent innovation to drive China’s optical communications industry forward. It has mastered the three major preform manufacturing techniques (PCVD, OVD and VAD) across the world on an industrial scale. YOFC is the world's largest optical fibre producer who can create fibres with a diameter of 200 mm and has the world's fastest drawing capacity of 3,500 m/min.


In the Leading Edge Innovations area, YOFC presented the Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) solution for next-generation data centers, based on new multi-core fibre technology and suitable for 800 Gbps systems or above. Such solution also addresses the pressing needs of data centers with an increased capacity,  longer transmission distance,  high-density connections and reduced energy consumption. In the exhibition, YOFC also presented its new products, including ultra-high refractive index lens, synthetic quartz ingot and tubes, and passive thermal management module, showing its technological strengths in optical communications and quartz materials.


Embracing New Infrastructure through Profound Planning

As a leader in the optical communications industry, YOFC has already laid a solid technological foundation for addressing the needs in new infrastructure-related sectors with its  track record of industrial experience for over three decades leveraging its comprehensive range of products and solutions for forward-looking planning in the new infrastructure field. More specifically, there are five series of products and solutions:


  • 5G series products and solution: full scenario, excellent quality, and high efficiency to accelerate the development of a vigorous 5G ecosystem


YOFC has rolled out products and solutions of new fibres, cables, and optical modules applicable for 5G construction. It has also developed a 5G technology-based comprehensive solution for implementing various smart application scenarios, facilitating 5G infrastructure construction and the advent of the ‘Internet of Everything’ era.


  • Electronic communication solution: long range, large capacity and high reliability for building a “neural network” for UHV transmission


YOFC has released products such as ultra-low attenuation with large effective area G.654.E fibre, high-fibre-count OPGW cables, and icing monitoring system, to aid new electric infrastructure in attaining a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.



  • Industrial Internet solution: high bandwidth, low latency and high reliability to transform and upgrade businesses in this industrial chain


YOFC has stepped up its efforts in smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet. With the industrial applications, it supports diversified service scenarios and enables businesses to transform digitally.



  • Big data center solution: green, agile and smart, underlying digital interconnectivity


YOFC is fully aware of what is required for networks of data centers. It has developed an integrated cabling solution for data centers that features high density, reliability, performance and scalability. With products including optical transceivers and all-in-one cabinets using edge-computing-integrated infrastructure, it enables the effective connectivity and reliable security for the network transmission and information processing of data centers.


  • Urban rail transportation solution: full band, wide coverage and low attenuation to ensure 5G communications for urban rail transit


Leveraging its strength in the cable manufacturing industry, YOFC has developed 5G broadband radiation-mode leaky coaxial cable, distributed temperature system and distributed vibration monitoring system to accommodate the demands in the rail communication line construction and thus promote the application of digital technologies in urban rail transportation.


Multiple Products and Solutions Empowering the "New Infrastructure" Industry with Smart Applications

YOFC provides diversified products and solutions, covering application scenarios including smart tourism, smart community and smart education to provide comprehensive smart services for the "New Infrastructure" vertical industry. YOFC focuses on the F5G all-optical network and transforms from "Fibre to the Home (FTTH)" to "Fibre to Everywhere" by applying the optical technology to all service scenarios. The smart ocean solution presented the submarine optical fibres for cross-ocean communication systems applied in deep and shallow sea areas, and AC (DC) submarine (photoelectric composite) cables for power transmission, both contributing to the all-scenario ocean connectivity. In addition, the smart home solution displayed a specialty engineering optical fibre cable made of YOFC's unique BendRobustTM specialty bend-resistant fibre and proprietary high-efficiency photoelectric conversion chip, which can maintain the high performance and stability in consumption, and other sophisticated bending environments like industrial automation.




New infrastructure, new economy and new drivers. As the new round of technological and industrial revolutions move forward, our society is evolving from an industrial pattern into its digital form. Expanding the construction of new infrastructure represented by 5G and industrial Internet is not only an indispensable requirement, but also the strategic option for the high-quality development of China's economy. YOFC will stick to the mission of "Smart Link Better Life" and the core values of "Client, Focus, Accountability, and Stakeholder Benefits". We will contribute to the digital infrastructure construction in China by offering quality products and services driven by innovation and based on close cooperation with both upstream and downstream partners.


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