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YOFC All-Optical Network Facilitates F5G and Cements the Foundation of Fixed Network

  • 2020-09-14
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With the arrival of the 5G era for mobile communications, the fixed network has quickly developed into its fifth generation (F5G). In the report of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), a great number of operators and industrial manufacturers are jointly pushing forward F5G network construction, as the F5G network continuous to evolve and now is entering into a F5G gigabit age represented by technologies such as 10G PON, Wi-Fi 6 and 200G/400G. Collaboration between the F5G and 5G is going to usher in a more wonderful intelligent world sooner where everything will be interconnected.


Basic fibre network with wide coverage is the foundation of the F5G development. In the F5G era, fibre network connections will be available from families to a range of sectors including enterprises, transportation, security and parks, empowering thousands of industries. On the afternoon of September 10, Ke Gang, a technical expert of the Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) attended the forum themed on “Integrated Optical Broadband Development and Innovation in the Era of 5G+F5G” at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition. During the forum, he introduced YOFC’s all-series optical network products, as well as the overall network deployment and service solutions.

  • All-Optical Data Center Provides Large-Bandwidth, Low-Latency, Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Saving Connectivity


Targeting the data center construction of the F5G network, YOFC has developed a full series of cabling products for data centers, including bending insensitive multi-mode fibres, optical distribution frames, modules, panels, trunk cables and patch cords, featuring large capacity, high reliability, as well as convenient installation, expansion and upgrade setup. In particular, YOFC has developed the world's leading OM4 and OM5 multi-mode fibres, which are compatible with the original multi-mode products at the data centers and enable the smooth transition of the data center network towards a 100G/400G system.


  • New Transport Network Cables Render Network Construction Highly Efficient and Environmentally Friendly


The F5G network sets a higher standard on optical fibres and cables, which are not only required to adapt to sophisticated application environment and highly efficient and flexible deployment methods, but also shall be future-proof whilst meeting current needs. At present, the construction and use of cables at home and abroad are facing problems like tight routing, low efficiency and biohazard. Accordingly, YOFC has developed bio-protective optical cable, all-dry optical cable, micro bundle optical cable, air-blown micro cable and other products. The all-dry optical cable represents China’s new optical cable product which was used for the Mexico’s national bandwidth project for the first time. In addition, the micro cable products will be used in the national bandwidth project in New Zealand, with YOFC being the sole supplier.


  • Passive Optical LAN (POL) Facilitates Digital and Intelligent Transformation of Parks


In the POL deployment of parks, conventional cabling and construction are confronted with new challenges arising from considerable cable deployment and construction work. YOFC has provided the POL solution featuring large bandwidth, low latency and connectivity for a variety of park scenarios. Combined with the construction program of innovative and integrated POL cabling, such solution not only saves the space of equipment rooms and cable slots, it also lowers power consumption in parks, enables long-distance coverage and wide-ranging connections. This will greatly improve construction efficiency and make the network more secure, reliable and easier to maintain.


YOFC has been dedicated to the construction of optical fibre networks for over three decades. As an experienced technical player in the fibre and cable industry, YOFC can satisfy all-scenario and all-weather deployment requirements of optical fibre and cable products. Our standardized, modular and integrated cabling and optical distribution interconnection products, optical transceivers and other all-series optical network products, together with the overall network deployment and service solutions serve to build an all-optical network composed of all-optical data centers, all-optical transport networks, and POLs that boasts large capacity, low latency and extensive coverage, which contribute to consolidated cornerstone of the F5G network.


In the future, putting mission of “Smart Link Better Life” in the center of everything we do, YOFC will continue even more comprehensive exchanges and cooperation with both manufacturers and suppliers in the optical network industry, to advance the development of the all-optical network industry and the F5G technology.

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