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YOFC Joined Panel Discussion on Fibre and Cable Material Innovation

  • 2020-10-30
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On the evening of October 28th during the World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference, Dr. Xiong Zhuang (Chief Cable Scientist from YOFC) weighed in on fibre and cable materials innovation with representatives from Corning etc. He was put into the spotlight as he delivered an informative speech entitled "5G Fronthaul and Data Center-Oriented New Optical Fibre".

In the speech, Mr. Xiong Zhuang said, bearers go ahead of commercial use of 5G. Today, C-RAN has become the mainstream 5G network construction model for operators in China. As C-RAN fronthaul consumes more optical fibre resources, peer companies have been on the same page that the Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)-based fronthaul solution is the preferred choice. When applied to 5G fronthual, new dispersion-optimized fibre can increase CWDM and MWDM wavelength maintenance redundancy by at least 2 dB more than G.652.D. This makes maintenance more convenient and the system more reliable despite the complex application scenarios.


Mr. Xiong Zhuang said, the interconnection of data centers is trending toward high speed, high density, low latency, low cost, and accessible O&M. Concerning the cabling system, SMF may replace MMF, multi-core fibre will replace single-core fibre, and COBO/CPO will replace hot swap. The application of multi-core fibre will revolutionize the optical interconnection of data centers. The next-generation 800G and over-800G solutions suggest using space division multiplexing (SDM) fibre to greatly improve the transmission capacity and spectrum efficiency of the optical communication system, save cabling costs and pipeline resources, and reduce energy consumption. This solution also provides multiple parallel physical channels and offers more advantages in the next-generation cabling system of data centers.


Going forward, the mission of "Smart Link Better Life" will always be in the heart of everything we do. Driven by the mission, YOFC will be a part of new infrastructure and contribute more in the new era of industry with its partners.

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