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The 2020 annual meeting of the second academic committee of SKLOMCFT was grandly held

  • 2021-04-14
  • 1834

On the afternoon of November 20th, the 2020 annual meeting of the second academic committee was held in Wuhan. Wuhequan (academician, director of the academic committee) and Dr. Xiong Liangming (executive vice director of the laboratory) hosted the meeting. Academician Liu yunjie, professor Perry Shum, professor Liu deming, professor Rao yun-jiang, professor Zhao Xiujian, Zhang chengliang, Wang ruichun, Dr. Zhang shuqiang, Dr. Xiong Zhuang, and other academic committee of experts, superior leaders presented the meeting either on-site or online.


The director of the laboratory and the technical director of YOFC, Dr. Luo Jie, made a report on the work of the State Key Laboratory from 2018 to 2020. The report reviewed the important research progress made by the laboratory from 2018 to 2020, and provided great influence on the laboratory talent team, scientific and technological projects, and platform. The construction situation of facilities and achievements was condensed and summarized, and the future development direction of the laboratory was prospected. The academic committee experts listened carefully to the report, fully affirmed the work report of the State Key Laboratory, gave valuable suggestions on the development of the laboratory, and gave important guidance on the future development direction of the laboratory.



Academician Wu Hequan summarized the meeting and believed that the laboratory has completed the scheduled tasks in the past three years and achieved great results. The research topics proposed are in line with the technological development direction and market demand and the actual situation of YOFC.


At the same time, the meeting also reviewed the guidance opinions of the members and experts of the previous academic committee meeting and the response of the laboratory, as well as the organization and implementation of the laboratory's open subjects in the past three years; the 2020 open subjects were selected.


Lan Xiaobo, technical director of YOFC, and some academic leaders and scientific research backbones of the laboratory attended the meeting.

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