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YOFC Impresses ANGACOM 2023 with Solutions to Higher-Speed Broadband for Europe

  • 2023-05-25
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YOFC made itself more visible and influential leveraging the well-known platform in the industry - ANGA COM with its next-generation optical fibres, new type of optical cables, high density data center solutions, extremely simplified F. ODN pre-connected solutions to help Europe navigate the digital transformation from 23 to 25 May 2023 at the Koelnmesse GmbH (Cologne Trade Fair) in Germany. ANGA COM is Europe’s leading business platform for Broadband, Television and Online. Many customers and visitors came for more details of YOFC solutions.


Next-generation Optical Fibre

YOFC X-Band optical fibre brands products were presented featuring high performance, superior quality and broad connection, covering from the access network to the backbone network and from the land to the sea. Among them, the new G.654.E optical fibre for trunk lines is the preferred choice for 200G, 400G and future Tbit/s ultra-high-speed transmission technology, suitable for the high-bandwidth, low-latency and long-haul backbone network transmission. YOFC's 180μm G.657.A2 fibre, an ultra-reduced diameter bending insensitive single-mode fibre, provides a new solution for ultra-high-density access. This 180μm optical fibre can reduce the cross-sectional area of 288-core optical cables with the same structure by more than 60%. In addition, the OM4 and OM5 multi-mode fibres featuring superior bandwidth consistency enable efficient transmission in all-optical link for data centers with excellent large computing hubs.


New Type of Optical Cable

In response to the network construction needs in overseas markets, YOFC has showcased optical cables and application solutions that meet different network scenarios, including the high-density micro bundle optical cable, full series of air-blown micro cables, new all-dry outdoor cable, and cabling system for air-blown cable engineering. With dense core, small diameter and soft loose tube, the high-density micro bundle optical cable is easy to peel off and coil up, saving duct resources in an efficient way. Our full series of air-blown micro cable is available in different structures such as enhanced performance fibre units (EPFU), central tubes, and stranded loose tubes. It can meet the design of optical fibre products of different outer diameter sizes, make full use of duct holes, and accelerate the construction speed by means of long-distance air-blowing laying. In addition, our new all-dry optical cable has been used in Mexico and other countries for broadband projects for its small diameter, light weight, fibre splicing without filling compounds, and construction efficiency and convenience.


High-density Data Center

YOFC can provide the data center with 10G to 400G full series optical transceiver and AOC products, as well as a comprehensive solution integrating ultra-high-density distribution frame (UDF) and jumper. While realizing bandwidth upgradeability, this can also improve the spatial density of the cabling system, reduces the obstruction to cold and hot channels, and helps build a high-density data center. In addition, YOFC can also provide multi-core fibre/optical cable for the data center to meet its future access requirements for large capacity and high density.


F.ODN Pre-connected Solution

YOFC's F.ODN pre-connected solution has greatly improved the installation efficiency of ODN products, reduced labor cost by 60%, and increased network failure recovery efficiency by 90%. In the solution, all boxes and cables are factory pre-assembled with no splicing points during the whole process. High-quality of IP68 protection grade, the optical fibre cable distribution box is fully sealed, making it unnecessary to open the box repeatedly. All the supporting MPO cables and single- and double-core cables are preset with connectors for plug and play and rapid deployment. Moreover, the boxes and cables are fully decoupled for construction in parallel.


Guided by the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", YOFC will develop more high-quality products and solutions to help customers navigate the construction of Gigabit optical fibre network in Europe, narrow the digital gap, and contribute to a green Europe.

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