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YOFC Unveils Next-generation Optical Fibre Innovations, Setting the Pace for Industry Technology Trends

  • 2024-03-28
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On March 26 (local time), the 49th Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) kicked off at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA. Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC, stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) has been a consistent contributor to OFC. YOFC has always been proud to publish  academic papers at the event annually to share its advanced research achievements with the industry. At the 49th OFC, YOFC reached a milestone by presenting eight collaborative papers with universities and research institutes, setting its record. These papers highlighted advancements in next-generation optical fibres, including multi-core, few-mode, and hollow-core optical fibres, demonstrating YOFC's position at the forefront of technology development.

The network's rapid growth drives the continuous increase in single-fibre capacity. To meet future demands, the next-generation optical fibres are required to have high performance, large capacity, low costs, and low latency. According to these requirements, fibres based on space division multiplexing technology (SDM) and hollow-core fibres are two key technical solutions. YOFC, a leading player in the optical communication field, remains steadfast to a philosophy of commercial use with backup and advanced research, and makes proactive innovation. The company aims to support the development of optical fibre technology. For years, YOFC has consistently contributed to the advancement of SDM and hollow-core fibres, marking its significant presence and influence within the industry.


As the SDM transmission and sensing technologies evolve, multi-core and few-mode fibres are becoming vital future solutions. In particular, multi-core fibres that utilize SDM show vast potential for application in data centers and submarine cable systems. YOFC has developed a comprehensive set of product lines for multi-core/few-mode and strongly/weakly coupled SDM fibres. The company has achieved the capacity for large-scale production, with the capability to extend a single multi-core fibre preform into lengths surpassing 1,000 kilometers. Furthermore, YOFC has taken significant strides in self-sufficiently sourcing key raw materials and in the innovation of production and testing equipment. Existing equipment and processes enable YOFC to achieve the splicing and cold connection of multi-core/few-mode fibres. YOFC can offer cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing solutions for the cold connection and fan-in and fan-out of multi-core fibres. We have also made headway in developing prototype amplifiers for multi-core/few-mode SDM fibres. Additionally, YOFC provides a comprehensive portfolio of multi-core fibre connectors, catering to diverse customer needs.

Hollow-core fibres stand out from traditional optical fibres with their unique hollow-core structure. The special and innovative design allows optical signals to be captured and travel within the air core, leading to transmission speeds about 47% faster than that of traditional optical fibres. Thus, hollow-core fibres can bring reduced latency and enhanced bandwidth. At present, YOFC has achieved a milestone in independently developing all the essential raw materials for these fibres, introducing a range of hollow-core fibres tailored to different domains, while continuously pushing the boundaries of rapid iteration. For fibres extending 10 kilometers, they have managed to reduce the typical values of attenuation to a figure under 1dB per kilometer.


At the exhibition, YOFC showcased next-generation optical fibre technologies, along with products and solutions, including 800G AEC/AOC/TRX series products and innovative F.ODN pre-connected solutions. The esteemed Sir David Payne CBE FRS FREng, a foreign director of YOFC's State Key Laboratory of Optical Fibre and Cable Manufacture Technology, also visited YOFC's booth.

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