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About Us

Client Focus

Client focus is the driving force for YOFC’s development. Both internal customers and external overall market can have their voices heard in the company. The “customers” here can be interpreted from the following four dimensions: the ordinary employees are the customers for the management, production, operation and business departments for supporting departments, production, operation and business departments for departments within them, and external purchasers for the company. With our focus on the customers, we rely on superior professional competence to work on specialized business in a professional way so as to maximize the business and social value of YOFC in the course of creating value for our customers and society.

Perceive and understand the customers’ needs and remind to put clients at the center of our work. Enterprises can’t survive without customers.YOFC shall be customer-oriented and in clients’ shoes to think problems, research and develop products and provide services because the growth of company is driven by the revenue generated from serving customers.

Focus on the customers, value and perform our commitments to customers, and meet and even exceed customers’ expectations. Focusing on customers means customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure for everything we do and customers can feel valued. This is the way for us to further provide differentiated products and services and thus exceed the expectations of customers. We are never swayed from the belief that customers are essential for YOFC to secure sustaining growth and the on-going success.


Accountability is YOFC‘s code of conduct. A strong sense of accountability and mission is YOFC’s core quality that contributes to sustainable growth. Accountability is the path towards career and excellence. To put accountability in the first place is to bring the sense of responsibility to everything we do, never lose sight of why we are here and remember ‘to be a responsible YOFC citizen’.

Be responsible within the companyInside YOFC, responsibility is more about being meticulous about the work and the courage to step up as such; all YOFC people should be practical and trustworthy with integrity and perform their duties without passing the buck. They must continuously and actively improve their professional competence and overall quality to better fit the roles. They also need to step up and, brave all the difficulties on the way towards efficiency and excellence.

Fulfill social responsibilityYOFC not only pursues profit, but also takes on social responsibility. When it comes to responsibility in the industry development, YOFC builds on its strengths to provide valuable offerings as a pace-setter.. Regarding the responsibility in public welfare, YOFC makes great efforts in production safety, environmental protection, public health, social welfare, etc., to boost the sound and sustainable development of the economy and society.


Innovation is the soul of development and a core power for YOFC to rise above the competition and realize transcendence. We implement innovation-driven strategy in an all-around way, and endeavor to form a culture that encourages innovation and tolerates failure, and a style of improving customer value through innovation.

  • Continue Learning
    Learning is the foundation of innovation. To build a learning-type enterprise, we should establish an awareness of lifelong learning, keep an open and inclusive mindset, continue to learn from our counterparts in the market, draw lessons from mistakes, continually consider, put efforts into practice and lay a good foundation for achieving innovation.
  • Continuously Innovate
    Innovation is the distillation of learning. On the basis of learning, follow the premise of serving the purposes of the enterprise, closely adapt to market appeal, expand the market in an orderly and effective way; maintain active thinking, dare to challenge the status quo, break free from shackles, actively explore, embrace change, endeavor to keep pace with the times, achieve self-transcendence, obtain sustained competitive advantages, continue making efforts to exploit the market and better meet market demands.
  • Pursue Excellence
    Innovation will achieve excellence. Learning and innovation will inspire us to grow continuously, achieve our expectations, broaden our horizons and enrich our innovation ability. Through innovation, we can solve problems, elevate our capacity and achieve better results. We believe that ‘there is no best, only better’. Whenever we do something, we try our best to do it fully and make the utmost effort to achieve the best result and reach the realm of excellence.
Stakeholder Benefits

Stakeholder Benefits is YOFC‘s ultimate expectation. To pursue stakeholder benefits is to be human-oriented, and share with and give mutual aid to stakeholders, thereby realizing common development and prosperity, and building a sound environment. This core value calls for YOFC to:

Advance in collaboration.We strive to make YOFC stronger and better and achieve stakeholder benefits, including both individual interests and collective interests with inclusive mindset, active communication, sense of responsibility and the power of individual and the team collaboration.

Pursue stakeholder benefits.YOFC‘s ultimate pursuit is win-win results based on positive cooperation. We actively establish lasting and stable partnerships with internal and external stakeholders relying on the harmonious environment both inside and outside. In this way, we can create value and grow together. For shareholders, we run business in a prudent and standardized manner, and provide continuous returns. For employees, we care for, develop and cultivate them, thus realizing the common development of employees and our company. For customers, we respect and understand them, and continue to provide products and services that exceed their expectations. For suppliers, we value business reputation and uphold a sound supply-demand relation. For society, we adhere to the integral concept of a harmonious environment and the effective utilization of resources, delivering the benefits of development to society, consumers and the environment, and contribute to society through a series of public welfare activities.