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Energy Management

YOFC is committed to excellence in corporate citizenship and the provision of high-quality products and services to customers. It also channels great resources to conserving resources and reducing environmental damage, and incorporates the sustainable development concept in day-to-day production, operation and construction activities.
Develop ''Green'' Products
Green product design concept is guiding YOFC to go greener by reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption, improving recycling and reuse of products from the source including raw materials and product design. At present, YOFC owns over 100 types of products and raw materials that have passed EU RoHS 2.0 compliance test. Furthermore, two outdoor cables with outstanding product features and excellent performance in environmental protection and resource conservation were included in the List of Fifth Batch of Green Manufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. In the meantime, YOFC has kicked off the check of carbon footprint of its optical fibres and cables.
Focus on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

With the goal of “energy conservation, lower consumption, pollutant reduction, efficiency improvement, pollution prevention and continuous improvement”, YOFC has reduced comprehensive energy consumption per ten thousand yuan of gross output value, comprehensive water consumption per ten thousand yuan of gross output value, and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of output value by technical and managerial improvement.
As to energy use, YOFC has purchased renewable and clean energy to support its development. As of 2020, the head office was 100% powered by hydroelectricity which has been recognized as clean electricity, leading to a reduction of carbon emissions by 77,000t in comparison with that generated by coal-fired power generation.
In terms of water consumption, all members of YOFC are encouraged to save water, and water cost is included in the assessment system. Furthermore, on the basis of identifying water consumption of existing processes of various subsidiaries and product lines, water conservation programs have been planned and implemented in combination with relevant technological improvement measures.
Regarding to carbon emissions, YOFC monitors carbon emissions during the production process, formulates a greenhouse gas emissions management system, and actively gets involved in carbon emissions permit trading organized by local authorities. In addition, YOFC has set up a carbon emissions management team and developed the internal training program Carbon Trading and Energy Management. It also set in motion the energy management program on the group basis in 2021 to calculate carbon emissions in accordance with ISO14064. Efforts are also made to promote the development of energy management and technical exchange platforms for the group and the creation of an favorable environment for energy conservation and carbon reduction, so as to achieve corporate development in an eco-friendly and low-carbon manner.