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Implementing Quality Control and Satisfying the Customer

While introducing modern production technology, YOFC has also introduced modern management methods and systems, especially advanced quality management procedures in the industry, so that every production process is under strict and scientific quality control.

In order to provide users with high quality products and services, YOFC has carried out 100% testing on the key parameters of optical fibre and cable products. All testing data are automatically collected into the database for easy query and traceability. In the production process, process control is applied to strictly control the key process so as to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.

We have a professional quality team to make the quality double assured.

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    The Quality Department of the company organizes the planning, implementation, supervision and review of the internal quality management system to ensure that the two quality management systems, ISO9001 and TL9000, can be operated in a comprehensive, continuous and effective manner.

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    A specialized Quality Management Team has been set up in the production line. QMIP system is adopted covering raw material procurement, contract review, production, finished product delivery and after-sales service, which monitors the quality in whole process to ensure that the products, processes and services meet the needs of users.