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Experience 5G with YOFC | YOFC Makes a Lasting Impression at 2021 MWC Shanghai

  • 2021-02-24
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On February 23, the 2021 Mobile World Conference Shanghai staged a comeback after a year at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) would not miss the event and chose to be part of it both online and offline on the theme of “Experience 5G with YOFC”.  YOFC focused on what role it can play in various 5G application scenarios, such as smart grid, smart data, smart transit, smart cities, smart home, smart ocean etc. In this way, YOFC made its first presence in 2021 with its  strong capabilities in products, solutions, and comprehensive technology and service strength to meet demands in the Internet of Everything era.


Focus on Cutting-edge Technology and Take a Lead in Innovative Development

YOFC’s commitment  to technology and product innovation has enabled it to fully master the three major preform manufacturing techniques of PCVD, VAD, and OVD, and has made industrialization a reality. The optical fibre preform produced by it has a diameter of 220 mm and a fibre drawing speed of 3,500 meters per minute with the largest size in the world. New types of optical fibre, optical cable, and optical transceiver products represented by the ClearBandTM dispersion flat fibre and multi-core optical fibre interface optical transceivers can meet the needs of 5G networks and help China's rapid construction and development of 5G networks. Independently developed and produced high-purity synthetic quartz ingot, which can rival foreign products, is a reflection of the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of YOFC in the field of semiconductor quartz materials.


5G Comprehensive Connectivity: Promoting the Internet of Everything

As early as the MWC Shanghai in 2019, YOFC released a 5G Comprehensive Connectivity development strategy for the first time. This strategy featured "Comprehensive Scenarios, Superior Quality, and High Efficiency". In recent years, YOFC has continuously practiced the strategy by developing a full range of optical fibre, optical cable, optical transceiver, and other products. These products cover data centers, backbone networks, access networks, and 5G fronthaul in order to meet the needs of multi-industry applications and deployment across a variety of scenarios. By doing so, it contributes to the construction of a prosperous 5G ecosystem.


Smart Power: Boost Energy Development

The Strong Smart Grid and the Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things (UPIOT) are the manifestation of the Energy Internet within the power system. As the electrical grid’s neural network, electric power communication network is a top priority. With strong R&D capabilities and excellent product quality, YOFC provides FarBand® Ultra-Low Loss & Large Effective Area G.654.E optical fibre, OPGW cable, ADSS optical cable, icing monitoring systems, and optical cable automatic monitoring and protection systems to push forward the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the power industry.



Smart Data: Create Value

The accelerated arrival  of the Internet of Everything era has raised the bar for the evolution of data centers. In this context, YOFC has developed integrated cabling, edge computing, and optical transceiver solutions with high density, reliability, performance and scalability to ensure effective connections and security for network transmission and information processing in data centers.


Smart Transportation: Generate Vitality

The "14th Five-Year" plan proposed "accelerating the effort to build China into a country with a strong transport industry" and accelerating the digitalization of traditional transportation infrastructure. Accordingly, YOFC has injected new energy into the development of smart transportation with products and solutions such as railway transportation cabling, distributed temperature systems, and distributed vibration monitoring systems.


Smart Ocean: Empower Ecology

The development of submarine communication has become an important strategy for all countries in the world. YOFC targets the global marine market with products and solutions such as submarine optical cables, submarine cables, optoelectronic composite cables, and optical fibre hydrophones for various transoceanic communication systems in both deep sea and shallow sea. YOFC also contributes to the construction of submarine communication networks to do its part in helping achieve the goal of building China into a maritime power.


Smart Industry: Benefit Industry

As a product of the deep integration of a new generation of information and communication technology and industry, the Industrial Internet will support a new round of industrial revolution. YOFC has leveraged its own technical strengths in optical communications and optical fibre sensing to launch "5G+All-Optical" industrial Internet solutions, smart gateways, and logo analysis platforms to assist enterprises in their digital transformation. In the future, YOFC's “5G+All-Optical” solution will be upgraded and transformed for enterprise applications to empower the digital transformation of various industries.


Smart City:  Promote Development

With the rapid development of thousands of industries, our city is also undergoing a digital transformation and moving towards being smart. YOFC explores to put various 5G smart application scenarios in place in various  market segments including park life and production, government services, education with its comprehensive solutions such as smart parks, smart public security/procuratorate/courts, and digital campuses.


Smart Home: Advanced Technology

YOFC's self-developed BendRobust® specialty optical fibres are the exclusive materials for YOFC's smart home cables, which boasts multiple advantages including bending-resistance, stability, high-speed, and lossless transmission of data signals. For this event, the FIBBR® Pure3 8K HDMI optical cable is showcased as it possesses an ultra-high 48Gbps Bandwidth along with 8K resolution transmission, which can generate perfect picture quality in high-fidelity. FIBBR® TF-VR optical fibre data cables are suitable for VR consumption and industrial automation. It maintains high performance and stability despite complex and bending environments. It gives full expression to the harmonious coexistence of life and technology.


As a leading indicator in the field of mobile communications, the 2021 MWC Shanghai takes on the theme of "Connected Impact" to show how the entire digital ecosystem can help navigate our smart lives and create a better world. As a global leader in the optical communications industry, YOFC will stick to its mission of "Smart Link Better Life" and remain committed to technological and scientific innovation to help 5G smart application scenarios in place with leading products and solutions. YOFC will contribute to 5G infrastructure construction and help bring in the arrival of a new era of Internet of Everything.





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