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YOFC Assists Three Major Operators in Advancing the Industrialization of Hollow-core Optical Fibres, Setting Multiple World Records in Optical Transmission

  • 2024-06-24
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Recently, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC, stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK), in collaboration with China Mobile and China Telecom, established the world's first 800G hollow-core fibre transmission test network in Shenzhen-Dongguan, Guangdong. Additionally, they kicked off the world's first demonstration project of a hollow-core fibre cable transmission system on an existing network, featuring a single-wavelength rate of 1.2 Tbit/s and a one-way transmission rate exceeding 100 Tbit/s.


In May, YOFC, partnering with China Unicom, conducted a hollow-core fibre communication transmission test with a single-wavelength rate of up to 1.2 Tbit/s. This experiment set a new world record for the single-wavelength rate over 10.2km hollow-core fibres and realized a transmission capacity of 32x1.2 Tbit/s. Additionally, YOFC and China Telecom have realized a one-way real-time signal transmission capacity of 100.4 Tbit/s over 20km hollow-core fibres, with a capacity-distance product of 2,008 Tbit/s∙km, marking a record in this regard.


YOFC provided a comprehensive suite of technical solutions, such as long-distance, low-loss hollow-core fibres, hollow-core fibre cables, hollow-core fibre splicing services, and adapters for integration with single-mode fibres to these test projects. Working with the three major operators, YOFC has verified the super-large capacity, ultra-low loss, ultra-low latency, and other system transmission performance attributes of hollow-core fibres, as well as the feasibility of deploying these fibres in intricate and demanding network environments. These world records in optical transmission represent a crucial step forward in advancing hollow-core fibre transmission systems towards greater capacity and longer distances. They mark a significant milestone for the hollow-core fibre and transmission system industry, transitioning from a technology prototype to industrialization. Moreover, they underscore YOFC's technical strength and leading edge in hollow-core fibres.


Driven by the ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence, fibre communication technology—the "highway" for information transmission—is constantly achieving new milestones. Hollow-core fibre, utilizing an innovative air-guiding mechanism, pushes the limits of performance of solid-core fibres in latency, attenuation, and capacity. The technology represents a significant innovation in optical fibre communication technology, and also a ground-breaking solution for next-generation optical communications. As the world's leading provider of optical fibre preforms, optical fibres & cables, and integrated solutions, YOFC has been engaged in the development of hollow-core fibres for many years. Leveraging self-synthesized raw materials, a capillary preparation process with precise size control, and a cutting-edge drawing process for hollow-core fibres, YOFC has pioneered a series of hollow-core fibres tailored for various industry applications while continuously pushing the boundaries of rapid iteration.


YOFC plans to advance the development and manufacturing of next-generation hollow-core fibre technologies down the road. Working with industry peers, YOFC seeks to foster collaborative innovation across the industrial chain, fast-track the commercialization of new fibres, and boost optical network performance, establishing a solid foundation for the fibre infrastructure essential for a smarter world.

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