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YOFC: Empowering Manufacturing DX for a Smart Future

  • 2024-06-28
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On June 26, the 2024 Shanghai Mobile World Congress (MWC Shanghai 2024) grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Mr. Zheng Xin, Vice President of YOFC, was invited to attend the conference session on "Manufacturing DX: New Horizon for Future Digital Economy" and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Empowering Manufacturing DX for a Smart Future". Mr. Zheng Xin emphasized the key role of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. He also shared a series of practical application cases and explored the prospects of the digital economy.


At present, AI is leading a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation as never before. Sectors including medical care, education, transportation, and household services have experienced rapid growth of AI, greatly improving people's way of production and life. In particular, within the manufacturing sector, the integration of AI is driving digital transformation to become a defining trend in the digital age. An increasing number of enterprises and organizations are actively pursuing the route of digital transformation. In this context, YOFC, a leader in the optical communication industry, devotes itself to build, practice and advocate  manufacturing digital transformation.


As a builder in manufacturing digital transformation, YOFC harnesses ultra-high-speed optical communication technology to develop high-quality fibre networks based on new optical fibre technology. This not only responds to the challenges posed by complex upgrades in AI applications and data traffic surges in computing infrastructure but also enables AI to swiftly process and analyze data, unlocking limitless possibilities for innovation across various industries and fields.


Notably, the new generation of trunk line fibre, G.654.E, features low non-linear effect (large effective area) and low attenuation factor, supporting backbone network transmission with large bandwidth, low latency, and long span. As a result, this type of fibre is considered by the industry as the preferred choice for 400G, 800G, and future Tbit/s ultra-high-speed transmission technologies. At the end of May this year, YOFC, together with China Unicom and Nokia Shanghai Bell, completed an 800G ultra-long-haul test, realizing the transmission distance of single-carrier 800G PCS-16QAM/3000km@G.654E cable. As the first successful ultra-long-haul transmission test of single-carrier 800G in China, this achievement not only marks the doubling of transmission rate, but also heralding a new era of commercial applications in the communication field.


YOFC has also heavily invested in the next generation of ultra-high speed communication technology represented by space division multiplexing (SDM) fibres and hollow-core fibres. Recently, YOFC's hollow-core fibres helped China Mobile open the world's first test network for transmission technology of 800G hollow-core fibres (Shenzhen–Dongguan, Guangdong), with relevant technical indicators reaching the international first-class level. YOFC, together with China Unicom, conducted the communication transmission experiment of hollow-core fibres with a single-wave rate up to 1.2 Tbit/s, breaking the global record for the single-wave rate of 10.2 km hollow-core fibre transmission, and achieving a transmission capacity of 32x1.2 Tbit/s. Moreover, in partnership with China Telecom, YOFC has created a one-way real-time signal transmission capacity of 100.4 Tbit/s on 20 km hollow-core fibres, setting a new record of 2008 Tbit/s∙km capacity-distance product. These high-speed optical transmission tests on hollow-core fibres, conducted by YOFC in cooperation with operators and industrial partners, as well as the new world records for optical transmission, not only highlights YOFC's proven technical strength and leading advantages in hollow-core fibres but also greatly advances the commercialization of these fibres.


As a practitioner in manufacturing digital transformation, YOFC has extensively embraced intelligent manufacturing practices. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI algorithms and big data, the company has independently developed simulation software, leading the industry regarding technological progress. In addition, these outcomes have been applied to various scenarios, including process digitization, equipment digitization, operation and maintenance digitization, fully automated logistics within workshops, and digital twins. As a result, YOFC has significantly enhanced product quality and production efficiency.


As an advocate in manufacturing digital transformation, YOFC has shared its experience across various industries and sectors while advancing its own development. We have successfully established a batch of 5G smart factories in regions such as Jiangxi, Shanghai, and Liaoning. Additionally, we have pioneered several typical application scenarios in manufacturing digital transformation, thereby empowering the real economy across multiple industries.


In the future, guided by the mission of "Smart Link Better Life", YOFC will put more efforts into exploration and practice in the field of manufacturing digital transformation. We aim to build a solid foundation for industrial digitalization and intelligence, enhance new quality productivity, facilitate higher-quality development of global manufacturing, thus creating a smart and bright future.

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