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Fibre Perimeter Monitoring System

Perimeter intrusion prevention is an important part of IoT application. YOFC Fibre Perimeter Security Solution is an alarm system which is applied with optical fibre as the sensor to realize distributed perimeter security monitoring. The main sensing component of the system is the sensing cable unit, and the unique cable in the design is very sensitive to motion, pressure and vibration. It can be laid along fences and closures to detect climbing and shearing, and also under the soil, gravel or turf to detect intrusions such as pedaling and digging. When a move occurs, such as crossing, passing, climbing and violent invasion, the system will alarm. Thus, preventing intrusions to ensure security.

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01 Secure and Reliable
02 Versatility
03 Corrosion Resistant and Long Service Life
04 Green Energy Saving
Anti-interference:The system adopts the passive operation mode for the zone. It does not have any electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic radiation itself. Except for the indoor monitoring terminal, non-metallic devices are used for all the system. Since the optical fibre itself is not electrically conductive, it will not be damaged by lightning, static electricity and so on. The sensing fibre does not transmit or receive the following signals: electromagnetic signals, radar signals and high voltage electrostatic signals.
High concealment:Unlike the conventional security settings, the system’s installation is extremely concealed and not easily found by intruders, thereby avoiding damage and crossing failure.
Unaffected by temperature:Fibre monitoring is used to protect the system from seasonal and diurnal environmental changes.
Diverse installation methods:According to the characteristics of the existing perimeter facilities, the optical fibre can be set on the enclosure to build a fibre support fence, buried under the lawn, or laid on the fence.
Diverse areas:According to the requirements of site security, and combined with user opinions, the functions of the intrusion direction identification for different areas are realized.
Adjustable sensitivity:The system sensitivity can be set according to the site environment and installation method.
It can be used in various environments such as moist, corrosive and underwater environment for a long time and has a long service life.
Low power consumption:In addition to the monitoring terminals, the front end of the whole system is passive all-optical devices, and no power supply is required.

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