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Smart Security Campus

The smart security campus is IoT-oriented, intelligent, and digital location that relies on IoT, cloud computing, wireless communication, and other new-generation technologies. IT applications significantly improve how the campus is managed and dramatically alter the way people live and work in the campus. The smart security campus not only modernizes the management of both life and work in the campus, but more importantly presents people with a new mode of how everything works.

YOFC's smart security campus solution starts with a green and intelligent all-optical network and introduces cutting-edge information technology to upgrade it more intelligently. YOFC leverages technology to enable modern campuses to be "green, intelligent, safe, and efficient" and move up their value chain.

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01 End-to-end construction
02 Intelligent security
03 Intelligent property management
04 Intelligent office
05 Extensive WiFi coverage
Relying on our all-optical network, YOFC provides a solution for end-to-end smart campus construction which integrates 5G, AI, IoT, and facial recognition technology. This solution aims to build a campus which is intelligent, smart, green, environmentally-friendly, and safe. Complying with intelligent engineering standards, the construction includes communication automation (CA), building automation (BA), office automation (OA), and security automation (SA) projects.
Establishes a multi-layer guarded perimeter which protects the campus both inside and out. Intelligent means bring people, vehicles, and cargo under better management without causing any inconvenience.
Provides solution (based on RFID material positioning and intelligent video surveillance) that combines the door access and alarm system to connect different systems.
F5G, with extremely simplified network architecture, supports many services such as data, voice, video, gigabit access to virtual desktop, HD video conferencing, and Wi-Fi6 AP which enables gigabit Wi-Fi access whenever and wherever needed, providing businesses with mobile, automatic, smart and digital office services and solutions.
Follows the customer's expectations towards WiFi construction to the customer's satisfaction.

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