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Smart Transportation and Tourism Services Solutions

As society continues to evolve, transportation and tourism (hereinafter referred to as TT) has become so inseparable that the TT integration has become a new trend.

In terms of solutions for transportation and tourism services, YOFC plans to harness the power of big data to improve its capacity for TT coordinated management and public services. It aims to leverage information technology featuring digitalization, networking and intelligence to advance the integrated development of TT industries with information technology, realize the seamless connection between transportation and tourist attractions, and provide all-round, multi-level and one-stop information services for tourists, related enterprises and industry authorities.

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01 Develop the Digital Smart Transportation
02 Creation of A New Era of Transportation and Tourism
03 Improvement of TT Services and Management & Tourism City Image
First, the Dispatch Center targets key tourist attractions and their surrounding road network. With this center, we can make prediction, judgment and analysis of operation monitoring data, map data and operator signaling data from transportation authorities, tourism authorities and Internet-based enterprises. In this way, we can achieve operation monitoring, prediction and early warning, and coordination mechanism of the above targets for overall improvement of capacity for TT coordinated management.
Second, the Service Center can serve as a unified and authoritative information service window for the transportation industry. Catering to the need for regional tourism economy development and the TT integrated development, it can also integrate tourism service information from cultural tourism departments to promote the TT "one-stop" service information, so as to form a travel information service center characterized by "online and real-time TT data display". All services are available through the WeChat Mini Program.
Finally, the Analysis Platform is intended for more targeted decision-making support services in the industry. Focusing on the monitoring and management of TT service mode and operation situation, the platform uses big data technology to extract multi-source TT data for structural processing, data transformation, data analysis and business modeling. Based on that, we can discover data correlation, mine hidden values and rules of data, establish data analysis and prediction models, and prop up TT facilities connection, management enhancement, service improvement, precision marketing, and industry innovation.

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