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POL Solution

With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data and 4K video, the flow model evolves from the traditional horizontal flow to the vertical flow model of cloud + terminal. At the same time, the business in enterprise zone has higher and higher requirements on bandwidth and delay. The network in traditional zone can no longer meet these new changes and new demands of the enterprise zone. For the needs and challenges of customers, YOFC provides the all-optical network POL solution to achieve delay reduction and the smooth evolution of the bandwidth to 10G, meeting the evolution requirements of cloud computing services.

YOFC can provide all-optical network products in the whole industry chain, covering XPON products, optical fibre and cable, ODN, etc. At the same time, based on years of network construction experience, YOFC also provides end-to-end EPC contracting services, personalized customization of placement solutions for different zone scenarios and tailor-made all-optical network POL solutions for you.

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01 Full Industry Chain Products
02 Full Process Service
03 Secure and Reliable
04 TCO Saving
Provides active XPON equipment, passive ODN device, optical fibre and cable, security product, digital communication product, etc.
End-to-end service provides the equipment supply, planning and design, engineering delivery, operation and maintenance services.
Provides line encryption, user authentication, no electromagnetic interference and electronic eavesdropping prevention. It can be safely and reliably communicated by the optical fibre and cable.
Green energy saving:Passive ODN, no air conditioner required and power saving.
Space saving :Reduces trunk optical cable ducts and space in the equipment room up to 90%.
Simplified management:Reduces work quantities and maintenance.

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